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Alimony & Spousal Support Law

People often ask me as an attorney what they can expect with reference to alimony law in a divorce or dissolution. Ohio is not officially classified as a community property state and alimony law or spousal support law is often ordered by the court.

Unlike child support, which has a guideline and worksheet which utilizes the party’s income, alimony law or spousal support law does not. Under Ohio law there are 11 different factors under the controlling statute which affect alimony law or spousal support law.

These factors include the length of time of the parties have been married and their respective incomes to one another. Typically, the court does not enter into an alimony law order or spousal support order until the parties have been married for at least five years. A court will look to what is known as the disparity of income between the parties to determine the length of time the alimony law order should run and the amount that should be paid.

Among the factors the court will consider will be the relative education and earning abilities of the parties as well as their health and age. However, under alimony law or spousal support law the final factor in the statute is “any other matter the court deems to be relevant “.

With such vagaries in the statute, one can give the same fact pattern to 10 different judges and receive 10 different awards under alimony law or spousal support law.

If you find yourself in a divorce or dissolution situation it is important that you have an attorney that understands alimony law or spousal support law. Your alimony law attorney can guide you in preparing the forms properly and addressing the 11 different factors the court will use when issuing the order.

Please feel free to contact our law offices for assistance so that you receive the most beneficial result for your alimony law or spousal support law case.


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